I support policy that promotes progress and job creation and that includes responsibly developing our resources to reach global markets. Our ethically produced oil is the best alternative to conflict oil coming from places such as Saudi Arabia. We must get our ethical Canadian product to international markets through our conscientiously built pipelines that currently have the highest approval standards in the world. I support the concept of an energy corridor running east to west and recognise it as a nation building project that will unite our federation in shared economic prosperity. 


Canada's unique and diverse ecosystem is precious and we have a duty to practice good stewardship when it comes to all aspects of our environment to ensure it is preserved for future generations.

That includes protecting our wildlife, our waterways, our land and air. Future generations should be able to enjoy a clean and safe planet and it starts right here at

CO2 doesn't recognize borders which is why we must take the fight global. Canada has a distinct role in addressing global climate change and has great potential of being ground zero for green technology research, development, and production. Through encouraging job creation in a diversified green technology sector we can help bring the solutions to the world that will make real change. Canada must meet it's Paris targets without the use of a carbon tax or any plan that punishes Canadians or the economy. 

Economy and Community

Folks want the opportunity to find a well paying job, but right now things are getting harder and harder.

Employment insurance deductions are going up, taxes are going up, the carbon tax makes the price of everything we buy go up, investment continues to leave Canada, and our well paying jobs are leaving with it. Things feel uncertain for a lot of people. 

We need to stabilise the political and regulatory environment to attract investment. We need to reduce obstacles for small and medium business owners and recognise their valuable contribution to the job market. We need to lower taxes so you can have more left for yourself each month. 

A strong economic backbone creates the conditions for prosperity and allows for long term meaningful investment in the government programs that matter to Canadians. Plus, the more money Canadians have the more they can give to their communities and support the causes they believe in. As a volunteer, I have seen just how generous our communities are but sadly, there are more and more people who need help. Helping our most vulnerable, our seniors, our families, and giving young people a good start in life is a priority. It starts with good economic policy and attitudes. 

It's time for YOU to get ahead!

Safety and Security

Canada is built on a fundamental respect for the rule of law. We must keep Canadians safe by applying the law equally and putting the rights of Canadians and the victims of crime first. 

We must strengthen our laws against violent criminals and those who commit violent crimes using firearms. 

Canada must close the loophole in the Safe Third Country Agreement to resolve the flow of illegal border crossings from the United States and restore priority to the victims of human rights abuse. 


Our freedom is our strength. It is also our charter right.

Canadians have the right to think what they want to think, say what they want to say, love who they want to love, worship the way they want to worship, and live their lives in a lawful manner without interference from big imposing governments or the threat of violence or discrimination. Institutions or individuals who infringe upon these fundamental charter rights should be held accountable. Liberty is a founding principle of our great nation and it must be protected.